Top Fashion and Style Tips for Men

shoesDaniele Donato said “Fashion is an art. You express who you are through what you’re wearing.” Today’s man appreciates clothes much more than they use to. They want that crisp, sharp look. There are several fashion and style tips for men any one can use.

Think, Think, Think,! Once you examine, research and try different styles you will start to realize what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. You don’t have to over think it, just imagine yourself in a particular shirt or pair of pants. Better yet, go to your favorite store and allow a stylist in the store give constructive suggestions.

First, men should wear a nice fitted suit. Suits make a statement. Blue is the most popular color, but, black and gray are heavily worn. One tip, make sure it is “timeless”. A good suit is noticed and appreciated by all whether it was made in the 1950’s or 2014. Additionally, a good, dependable, fabric is very important when choosing a suit. The fabric makes the suit last longer and you get years out of it. If you wear suits a lot and are in an environment where the look is professional you will want to buy an expensive suit. If you are not you have some room to buy one that’s not as expensive, but still a reliable suit.

Next buy clothes that you can mix and match. You can have fun with these clothes and make your fashion statement. For pants try a good pair of khakis, chinos and jeans. Some men prefer pleats others could care less. Just make sure the pants are clean and ironed. If you have these in your closet you can mix this with multi-faceted tops.

Every man needs a variety of shirts in their closet. Four to five dress shirts are a necessity in a man’s wardrobe. Fitted shirts are more common and preferred now. At least 2 of the shirts should be white. The others can range in color from blue to black and a few stripped shirts are welcome. Try to get at least one shirt with a French Cuff as it adds a little savoir faire. Next, the pullover short sleeve shirt or Lacoste top dresses up a pair of khakis or just keeps the outfit casual with a pair of chinos or jeans. Colorful shirts are perfect. Don’t forget fun tee-shirts worn with khakis or chinos in a casual setting.

Every man should own a pair of black shoes. The black shoes add a formal look. A second pair of shoes needed is brown or another black (the black could be more informal). A more casual shoe like sneakers, saddle shoes, and boat shoes are quite popular. Men want their shirt to match their sneakers. This is very popular. For example, you might see a guy with a pair of teal blue and pink Jordan sneakers on with a salmon colored tee-shirt. Or you might see them with a pair of red and white Converse on with a white or red shirt.

Men are having just as much fun with their clothes as women. Follow the tips on fashion and style for men. Enjoy and have fun wearing your clothes. If you want to buy a snickers with a matching shirt, check out Shirt To Match Sneakers.

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