Tips on Elegant Dressing and Observing Clothing Etiquette

When you look at another person for the first time, the first thing that you usually notice is the way that person has dressed. The best clothing is the one which appears beautiful to wise and noble persons. Further, the right dress would suit the occasion and would be made out of the perfect materials. It should reflect your status in life. It should also be graceful, elegant, lasting, healthy, easy, and becoming. If your dress meets all these qualities, it would not only be just splendid but even become the most beautiful dress around. Further, the correct costume is not only strong and simple but also the one which is radiantly clean, carefully kept, and meticulously worn.

How to Select a Dress?

Buying cheap clothing just because it is cheap or buying a costly costume just as a fancy are both condemnable abominations. You could always have ornamentations that involve special design, embroidery, patchwork, etc. They could be produced either at the factory itself or hand-sewn for your clothes. Such ornamentations would add to the elegance of your dressing style. Further, some of the latest fashions such as low-rise pants and low-rise skirts would not suit everyone. Only select people with specific body shapes could purchase them and wear them with aplomb. If you do not have the body structure to suit such fashionable designs, you would look awkward wearing them. Hence, it is better to avoid these dresses unless you are quite sure that you would appear better in such latest designs.

Select Custom Tailored Clothes

A carefully tailored pair of corduroy, tweed, or moleskin trousers would not only make you appear as fashionable but it would also last for several years. Further, you would seem to be taller in such a pair of trousers. You should never allow the latest fads of hip hop fashions and the gimmicks of cheap dress manufacturers dictate your style of dressing. Most of the clothes that are bought off-the-rack usually become a disaster when you actually wear them. Only individually tailored costumes stitched with carefully selected materials would provide true elegance to you.

Colors Play Crucial Role in Costumes

You should understand that what you wear is not just a covering of your body or a protection from the vagaries of the climate. It is a statement of yourself and your individual personality. Colors have their own meanings and expressions. Pink is feminine, calming, and friendly, while orange denotes happiness, success, energy, and informality. Yellow is symbol of stimulation, intelligence, and confidence. Similarly, each color has got its own individual properties. You should choose colors also carefully when you decide what to wear.


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