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Suiting Up for Autumn

Whether you’re headed back to school, the office, or you simply want to prepare for fall – September is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. However, purchasing a closet full of clothes is an expensive endeavor. It can get even pricier, if you’re shopping for the whole family. Hence, there are some key ways […]

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Crew Neck Versus V-Neck T Shirts, Which Do You Prefer to Wear?

A simple t shirt has to be the most popular item in a man’s wardrobe, no matter what your personal style or fashion choices we all have one or two t shirts in our repertoire. Why? Simple because the t shirt is a substantial part of balancing an outfit. The best thing about t shirts […]

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Summer Clothing Styles You Must Know

Your place of work and style will determine how you will dress during the summer. At this period, majority of clothes become casual and easier to wear while companies relax their dress codes. Dressing appropriately during summer is not so difficult but requires adequate planning and being creative. Casual It is very essential to choose […]

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