How to Dress Warm on an LDS Mission

dressing_warmIf you’re about to depart on an LDS mission, you’re probably very excited about the new places you’re going to see and the people that you’re going to meet. An LDS mission is a very important part of your life, so you want to be sure that you are well-prepared for the experience. If you are going on a mission to a cold climate, it’s imperative that you bring the right clothing items to stay warm. This includes a great coat and some sister missionary sweaters. Here are some tips on how to dress warm on an LDS mission.

Heavier Fabrics Are Your Friend – Before you even start thinking about sweaters or jackets, consider the sort of fabrics that you wear. If you’re going on a mission to a cold climate, choose dresses and clothes that are made of heavier fabrics. If you start with a good and warm base, you’ll be much more comfortable than if you try to layer sweaters and jackets over loose or airy fabric.

Bring Great Sweaters – Sweaters are an amazing accessory. Not only will they help to keep you very warm, but they will also serve as a great way to accessorize and style modest dresses. Choose sweaters in basic and neutral colors so that they will match a wide variety of dresses and outfits.

Don’t Forget a Coat – Ideally, if you are going on a mission to a cold climate, you should bring both a winter coats and a lighter jacket. Definitely stick to basic colors like black or tan, which will match virtually all of the dresses that you bring with you.

Remember Your Accessories – If you really want to stay warm, be sure to bring scarves, mittens and a knit hat. Find winter accessories that match your coat. It’s a good idea to bring a few pairs of mittens or gloves since people tend to loose these accessories pretty easily.

As long as you remember to bring these items, then you are sure to stay warm on your mission. Remember, you can never be too prepared. Even if you are going to a place that doesn’t experience extremely cold conditions, bring a thick and sturdy coat in case the area experiences unusual cold. When it comes to going on a mission, there’s no such thing as being too prepared.

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