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customshirtDo you love having lots of unique T-shirts to wear, or do you belong to a club or sports team needing identical shirts? Shirt Magic, an online company, makes it easy and affordable to make your own t shirts online. The t-shirts come in short sleeves, long sleeves and sleeveless. There are adult sizes and sizes for youth.

The first step is to browse the website and choose your logos, colors, t-shirt style and fabric. Most of the t-shirts are cotton or cotton blends. They come in light weights and heavier weights. The shirts come in every color of the rainbow including the “brightest brights” and muted shades. There are even some tie-dyed and muted patterns available. You can even choose text to add to your shirt. If you want a slight change in the t-shirt color or personalized logos, use your computer mouse to make the change. Once you have all the design elements together, begin the design process following the easy directions on the site.

If you are clever, you may want to add your own creative design that you can upload to the site and make your own t shirts online. After you have collected all the in-house designs you want or have uploaded your own designs, follow the directions and with a few simple clicks of the mouse, your order is in.

You might wonder why someone would want to customize t-shirts when there are so many available in the retail market. Many people want a way to express their passions or some theme that they want to be noticed for. Customized t-shirts are good conversation starters. Many organizations like work groups, sports teams, school groups, and others want to be identified by the group they belong to and what that group stands for. T-shirts are such popular clothing attire in the summer time; individuals want a wide choice of colors and designs to choose from. T-shirts are a fun thing to wear.

Those who visit often have some questions and concerns. Here are some common questions. The shrinkage on the t-shirts is minimal. If you upload your own personal work onto the website, questions about resolution, size of your design, and format are answered clearly on the site. Shipping time for the t-shirts you order is about 12-17 business days. If you are new at creating designs for clothing, there is a video on the site that will take you through all the steps. There may be some difference in the color that you see on the computer screen and the color of the product you receive, but it is very minimal.

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